Who we are at Life students

We exist to lead students to life in Jesus!

The transitions that take place during teenage and young adult years can be overwhelming and sometimes scary. 

Led by Pastor Rob and Christina Kantorik, Life Students is here to not only bring peace & guidance during those times, 

but also hope by showing students what it means to live for Jesus and be loved by Him. We want every student who walks through our doors to leave changed for the better, knowing who Jesus is, why He loves us so much, and what He has done for us and will continue to do in and through our lives!

Our main service for Grades 7-12 is on Wednesdays at 7pm. 

Grades 7-8 also meet on Sundays in Room 211 after worship, and Grades 9-12 meet on Sundays after worship once a month in the Youth Center. Follow along with Life Students on Facebook & Instagram so you don't miss what is coming up next!